Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is my Chapter or Special Interest Group (SIG) site not listed?

As we added feeds to the site, we found that some Chapter and SIG sites (see full list) either did not provide a RSS feed, or did not have a working RSS feed. In some cases, the software or service used to build the site did not offer RSS feeds. In other cases, the Chapter or SIG site was either not online or was under development. Please contact us at and we can investigate why your site is not listed.

Why are there only (X) articles listed for a source?

If a source only shows 5, 10, or 20 articles, that is typically because that is how many articles the original site publishes in its RSS feeds. This news site works by aggregating RSS feeds, and so it initially only pulled in however many articles were in the RSS feeds when we started the site in May 2019. Each site controls how many articles it publishes in its RSS feed, so if a site only had 5 articles in its RSS feed, that was all we could import into this news site.

From this point forward, new posts will be added to this site as they are added to the RSS feeds for individual sites. Over time, the number of articles for each site will increase as new articles are added.

How do I find out if my site has a RSS feed?

A quick method is to visit the W3C Feed Validation Service and enter the URL for your site. If the site can find a RSS feed, it will then attempt to “validate” the feed to test that it is configured properly.

If that does not work, you can go to your home page in your web browser and then display the source of your page. (Often found in “Developer” menus in browsers.) You can then use the “Find” feature in most browsers to search for the text “rss”. You should see a line similar to this:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="" href="" />

If you do not see such a line in your page source, you most likely do not have a RSS feed for the site.

Note that some sites may not have a RSS feed on their home page, but may have a RSS feed on a page where they post updates, such as a “blog” or “news” page.

How do I get a RSS feed for my Chapter or SIG site?

If your site does not provide a RSS feed, you will need to investigate how to add a RSS feed to whatever software you use to operate your site. Content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, typically provide RSS feeds by default. Other systems may require an additional module or code. If you are unable to determine how to add a RSS feed, send a message to and we may be able to provide some suggestions.

My Chapter or SIG is listed, but the most recent posts do not appear. Why not?

By default, this site is set to check feeds every hour, but the site will also adjust the frequency if the source site requests a different (typically longer) interval through an RSS option. So it may be that this news site has not yet checked the feed.

If the post was published more than 24 hours ago, there may be an issue with the site’s RSS feed. We have seen cases where people used special characters in blog posts, or blog post titles, that caused the RSS feed to no longer be valid. We have also seen cases where a CMS did not update a RSS feed for some reason. Please send a message to and we can try to identify the issue.

If my Chapter or SIG publishes content in multiple languages, can posts from all languages appear?

If your site publishes content in multiple languages, and has separate RSS feeds for each language, then we can pull in each language and add them to this site. We have already done this for several chapters where we could find separate feeds. Please send a message to if you do not see your posts from a different language in the site.

We have noticed that some chapters publish posts in multiple languages in the same feed. They do not have separate views of their site based on language, but rather mix the languages together in one common stream of blog posts. In that case, all posts will be retrieved via the one RSS feed, but they just may not be labeled correctly here on this news site. A post written in Chinese may appear in the “English” posts because it was part of an “English” feed. We try to correct those cases when we notice them, but we may miss some as this is entirely a manual process.

Can another (non-Internet Society) site be added to this news site?

This news site is only for feeds from sites of Internet Society Chapters, Internet Society Special Interest Groups (SIGs), and certain other sites affiliated with the Internet Society. We will not be adding sites that are not part of the larger Internet Society community.