Internet Society: Pacific Islands Chapter

Board Elections 2021

CANDIDATES FOR THE PICISOC BOARD ELECTIONS DECEMBER 2021 The Board of the Pacific Islands Chapter of the Internet Society (PICISOC) wishes to inform members of the election period for the PICISOC Board to be opened on the 23 January 2022 23:59 UTC through to 6 February 2022. 23:59UTC. As announced to members, there are 3 […]

New Web Protocol Reaches Milestone

The new web protocol HTTP/3 now makes up around a third of all traffic on large European networks according to a recent post from Sandvine. They monitored traffic on several large Tier-1 networks in Europe and the US and found that HTTP/3 (running over the new transport protocol QUIC) constituted around 30% of traffic in […]

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12 Streams 2021 #11 – Aaron Swartz – How We Stopped SOPA – Freedom to Connect, Washington DC, May 21 2012

Today, Tuesday January 18 2022, at 6:15pm EST (23:15 UTC) in the 11th installment of the Internet Society Livestreaming‘s ‘12 Days of Streams‘ annual highlights, on the 10th anniversary of the SOPA/PIPA Internet blackout, we feature a keynote by the late Aaron Swartz, ‘How We Stopped SOPA‘ from Freedom to Connect, Washington DC, May 21 […]

Internet Society: Sweden Chapter

Hackad – på TV och IRL

Vi har glädjen att presentera vår nästa föreläsare vid namn Linus som jobbar som professionell hackare till vardags. Hösten 2021 släpptes TV-serien Hackad där Linus var en av de 4 hackarna. I serien hackades privatpersoner, kändisar samt företag. Linus kommer berätta lite mer ingående hur några av dess hack gick till. Utöver detta berättar Linus […]

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WEBCAST JAN 18 – Data Protection Bill 2021: Deciphering Data Privacy and Rights of Minors

On 18 January 2022 from 3:00pm–5:30pm IST (09:30-12:00 UTC) CCAOI, CUTS International and ISOC Delhi host an online discussion ‘Data Protection Bill 2021: Deciphering Data Privacy & Rights of Minors‘. The objective of this discussion is to provide participants a better understanding of the provisions related to processing of data related to minors, the areas […]

The Gambia’s Internet Outage Through an Internet Resilience Lens

On the 4 January, 2022, The Gambia, the smallest country in mainland Africa, was completely cut off from the Internet for more than eight hours, leaving almost 2.5 million people without connectivity. Gamtel, the state-owned operator, released a communique on 5 January, explaining  the reasons of the outage.   What Happened? Most of the international traffic of The Gambia is routed […]

Internet Society: UK England Chapter

Internet Impact Brief

Internet Way of Networking 5 January 2022 Internet Impact Brief: End-to-end Encryption under the UK’s Draft Online Safety Bill Abstract In May 2021 the UK published the draft Online Safety Bill (the “draft bill”) which seeks to set out a new regulatory framework to protect Internet users from illegal and harmful content. If implemented in […]

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WEBCAST TODAY: @NetCaucusAC #TechPolicyRecess: Blockchain, Brokers & Web3 – Jacob Hample @BlockchainAssn @MartaBelcher @Filecoin Tim Massad @Kennedy_School #cryptobrokers #web3

On Friday 14 January 2022 at 2pm-3pm EST (19:00-20:00 UTC) the Congressional Internet Caucus Academy (CICA) hosts a Tech Policy Recess discussion on ‘Blockchain, Brokers & Web3: Can Congress Fix The Infrastructure Bill and Grow The Decentralized Web?’, which will examine the calls to revise the “broker” language in the Infrastructure Bill that was recently […]

Atenció: #LaNit2022 se celebrarà el 21 de març

    27a Nit de les Telecomunicacions i la Informàtica- 21 de març de 2022     #LaNit2022 se celebrarà el 21 de març L’organització aposta per ajornar un mes la gran trobada del sector TIC català per garantir una major participació presencial i un networking segur La 27a edició de la Nit de les Telecomunicacions i […]

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WEBCAST JAN 17: IGF Roundtable on Teaching Internet Governance

On Monday 17 January 2022 at 12:30 UTC the Internet Governance Forum will host a ‘Roundtable on Teaching Internet Governance‘. Building on past and ongoing educational and training efforts, such as the summer schools on Internet governance, this round-table aims to engage with the multitude of approaches and formats of teaching Internet governance in academia, […]

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WEBCAST JAN 11 – A11yNYC – Broke with Accessible Taste: Understanding the Economics of Digital Access in US

On Tuesday January 11 2022 at 7pm-8pm EST (00:00-01:00 UTC Jan12) the Accessibility NYC Meetup (A11yNYC) hosts an online meetup ‘Broke with Accessible Taste: Understanding the Economics of Digital Access in US‘. Conversations about digital accessibility are predominantly centered on the technical and monetary expenses of implementation in products and applications. Missing from these conversations […]

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Third round of grant funding awarded to researchers studying the future of the Internet

We are thrilled to award a third round of grant funding through our Research grant program to six exciting projects that examine the future and sustainability of the Internet. Launched in 2020, this program supports a diverse group of researchers around the world who are generating solutions today to meet the Internet challenges of tomorrow. The selected projects […]

ISOC-CAT entitat col·laboradora de La NIT 2022

Un any més ISOC-CAT col·labora amb La Nit de les Telecomunicacions i la Informàtica (#lanit2022).   Els membres d’ISOC-CAT rebran per correu electrònic el codi de descompte per les inscripcions.     La entrada ISOC-CAT entitat col·laboradora de La NIT 2022 se publicó primero en Catalan Chapter of the Internet Society.

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12 Streams 2021 #10 – How we talk about Encryption – Natalie Campbell & Ryan Polk

Today, Thursday January 6 2022, at 08:30 EST (13:30 UTC) in the tenth installment of the Internet Society Livestreaming‘s ‘12 Days of Streams‘ annual highlights, we feature a session the Internet Society’s Fundamentals Series in April 2021, focusing on advocacy for encryption. PRESENTERS Natalie Campbell, Director, Community Organizing and Public Advocacy, Internet Society Ryan Polk, […]

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NOTICE OF INTERNET SOCIETY-KENYA ANNUAL GENERAL 2021 THAT WILL BE HELD ON THE 8TH JANUARY 2022 Happy New Year 2022, Greetings, Members Of Internet Society Kenya Chapter Allow me to share notice of the Annual General Meeting 2021 which will take place on Saturday, January 8, 2022, at 1.00 p.m. The hybrid meeting will take […]

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12 Streams 2021 #9 – AprIGF Showcase #2 ‘Internet’s Technical Success Factors’

On Monday January 3 2022, the ninth installment of the Internet Society Livestreaming‘s ‘12 Days of Streams‘ annual highlights features the Asia Pacific Internet Governance Forum (AprIGF) Showcase #2 entitled ‘Internet’s Technical Success Factors‘ from September 29 2021. This was a presentation of a preliminary report on an Analysys Mason study, jointly commissioned by APNIC […]

Accessibility SIG is going back to its roots!

As a consequence of the Internet Society de-chartering its existing Special Interest Groups, on January 1 2022 the Accessibility Special Interest Group (A11ySIG) has reverted to its former status as a project of the Internet Society New York Chapter (ISOC-NY). A11ySIG was formed in September 2017 to rejuvenate the existing Internet Society Disability and Special […]

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#12Streams 2021 8 – Talking Tech: Girls and Women in ICT – Rinalia Abdul Rahim and Sophie Patrick #TalkingTech @Rinalia_A_Rahim @ITU @UNYouthEnvoy @unicc_ict #WomeninTech #GirlsinICT #Captioned

On Sunday January 2 2022, in the eighth installment of the Internet Society Livestreaming‘s ‘12 Days of Streams‘ annual highlights, features a ‘Talking Tech: Girls and Women in ICT‘ conversation between Sophie Patrick, of Marymount School of New York, and Rinalia Abdul Rahim, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Communications and Engagement, Internet Society. The Talking Tech […]

Internet Society: Somalia Chapter

Happy and productive 2022

Happy new year. We are ten years old. Coming of Age, so to speak… We are determined to re-energize the Chapter and focus on engaging the community. Covid slowed some of our projects and we have now learned to live with it. More on this and the 2022 action plan, please check your inbox. We […]

Internet Society: Israel Chapter

פניות הציבור למוקדי התמיכה של איגוד האינטרנט בנושאי פגיעות מקוונות והגנת סייבר לאזרח (2021-2019)

מוקדי נטיקה ובלוק מבית איגוד האינטרנט הישראלי איגוד האינטרנט הישראלי פועלים להגנה על הפרט ברשת ומפעילים ערוצי תקשורת לתמיכה בייעוץ בנושאי שימוש מיטבי והתמודדות עם פגיעות ברשת (נטיקה) ובנושא הגנת סייבר לאזרח (Block). בכלי הנתונים הבא ניתן לקבל מידע על פניות הציבור למוקדי נטיקה ו-Block, תוך אפשרות להתמקד בתקופות שונות ובנושאי הפניות של כל אחד […]