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European Union’s Network and Information Security Directive Threatens Internet Fragmentation and Creates Security Risks

The second iteration of the European Union’s Network and Information Security Directive, NIS 2, was written with good intentions. But many worry the cybersecurity rules could splinter the Internet and undermine security. Among those concerned are Internet Society chapters and members in Europe. While the directive’s goal is to improve security online, a newly-published Internet […]

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Register Today for the 20 October MANRS Community Meeting

We’re holding two MANRS Community Meetings on Wednesday, 20 October 2021, and we’ve managed to line up some great speakers for this one! We will hold two separate sessions to facilitate participation from across the globe. This online event is open to the public and will be live streamed. SESSION 1:Wednesday, 20 October 202108:00-09:30 UTC […]

ISOC-CAT signa el Global Encryption Day Statement

ISOC-CAT, com un bon nombre de capítols d’ISOC, ha signat la declaració pel Global Encryption Day. Global Encryption Day Statement – 21 October 2021 Strong encryption is a critical technology that helps keep people, their information, and communications private and secure. It underpins online trust, protects members of vulnerable communities, and safeguards the data of […]

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Día mundial del Cifrado 2021

This is Prepended Martes 19 de octubre de 2021 . 18:00 horas CDMX Internet Society Capitulo México invita a asistir al Foro Virtual que se llevará a cabo con motivo del Día Mundial del Cifrado 2021, este proximo martes 19 de octubre de 2021 a partir de las 18:00 horas. El foro contará con la […]

HTTP/3 adoption is driving huge gains for Microsoft

One of the ‘enabling’ technologies that we track on Internet Society Pulse is the latest version of the protocol that underpins the web, namely HTTP/3. In addition to powering the web, HTTP is increasingly used to transfer data between Internet-connected devices of all kinds. In a recent Technical community update, Nick Banks highlighted the huge […]

Global Encryption Day

El dia 21 d’octubre se celebra el “Global Encryption Day” amb la finalitat de defensar l’encriptació a la xarxa i conscienciar la ciutadania i  els polítics que no existeixen portes pel darrera que no afebleixin la seguretat. Global Encryption Day Social Toolkit Global Encryption Coalition   La entrada Global Encryption Day se publicó primero en […]

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THURS: 2021 NY Metro Joint Cyber Security Conference – still some tickets left!

The 2021 NY Metro Joint Cyber Security Conference will take place virtually on October 14th 2021. We are celebrating our 8th year featuring keynotes, panels and sessions aimed at educating everyone on the various aspects of information security and technology. Several online workshops on October 15th feature in-depth extended hands-on classroom-style educational courses to expand […]

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The Week in Internet News: Facebook Whistleblower Takes Aim

Profits first: Whistleblower Frances Haugen, a former data scientist at Facebook, testifying before a U.S. Senate committee, accused the company of putting profits before the public good. Facebook has encouraged rage posting on its platform in order to drive user engagement, she said. In addition, she accused Facebook of hiding internal research showing harm to […]

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WEBCAST: NARALO ‘RIR, NRO, ASO, & AFRINIC’ w/ Ron DaSilva @QuantumLoophole #naralo  @isocpr @icann  #RIR #AFRINIC 

On Monday October 11 2021 at 3pm EDT (19:00 UTC) the North America Regional At-Large Organization (NARALO) presents ‘RIR, NRO, ASO, & AFRINIC’ with speaker Ron DaSilva, VP Operations, Quantum Loophole. SYNOPSIS A Regional Internet Registry (RIR) is a not-for-profit international organization that deals with the allocation of Internet Protocol (IP) address space (IPv4 and […]

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ISOC-NY TV – Introducing NYC’s Open Data / How do journalists use open data? #opendatanyc #opendataweek @galeabrewer @betanyc @isocny @MollyBoigon @jdforward @katie_honan @willcwelch @thecityny @mnn59

On Wednesday October 13 2021 the ISOC-NY TV program presents two sessions from NYC Open Data Week 2021, 1) Introducing NYC’s Open Data – Session 7, which includes remarks by Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer 2) How do journalists use open data? Journalists from the Forward, the Wall Street Journal and THE CITY walk through […]

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Fifth Annual Indigenous Connectivity Summit to Address Sustainable Solutions to Ensure Digital Equity

The fifth annual Indigenous Connectivity Summit will bring together a diverse group of stakeholders under a common goal: connecting Indigenous communities in North America to fast, affordable, sustainable Internet. The post Fifth Annual Indigenous Connectivity Summit to Address Sustainable Solutions to Ensure Digital Equity appeared first on Internet Society.

Presentació del documental “Última milla”

Diumenge 10 d’octubre es va presentar el documental “Última milla”al cinema de la Unió Social de Flix. El documental s’ha produït dins del projecte “Ens toquen la fibra” amb el finançament del programa Beyond the Net de la Internet Society (ISOC). Aquest documental s’endinsa en la desigualtat en l’accés a les telecomunicacions a Catalunya des de la […]

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WEBCAST SUN: Webinar on Community Networks w/ @NaveedHaq #isochyderabad @ISOC_Community @isocapac #CommunityNetworks #GrowInternet #SwitchItOn

On Sunday 10th October 2021 at 10:00-10:45 IST (00:30-01:15 UTC) the Internet Society India Hyderabad Chapter will host a webinar on Community Networks. Presenter Naveed Haq will explain how people come together to build and maintain the necessary infrastructure for Internet connection. Internet by the people, for the people. SPEAKER Naveed Ul Haq, Asia-Pacific Regional […]

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Community Manager ISOC NL Gezocht!

Foto credit: ISOCNL ( zoekt een Community Manager Belangstelling voor alles wat met internet te maken heeft? De Nederlandse Internet Society zoekt per 1 december 2021 voor een (betaalde) halve dag per week een Community manager. Een boeiende ZZP opdracht met een interessante doelgroep en een zeer actueel onderwerp. De Internet Society: internet voor iedereen […]

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WEBCAST OCT 13: Internet Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow / الإنترنت بالأمس واليوم والغد

On Wednesday October 13 2021, at 14:00-15:30 UTC, the Internet Society presents a panel ‘Internet Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow‘. Vint Cerf, with our Internet Growth team, will tell us the “story” behind the Internet, how it evolved, its critical properties, and a brief overview of the NewIP proposal. This event is dedicated to the MENA […]

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MANRS Steering Committee: Call for Nominations

The MANRS community is looking for volunteers to serve on its new Steering Committee and is accepting nominations in anticipation of a November election. The committee will lead the community toward collective responsibility for the resilience and security of the Internet’s global routing system. It will have seven positions with different term lengths. The Call for Nominations […]

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Press Release: Freedom on the Net 2021 Uganda

PRESS RELEASE New Report: Internet Freedom DECLINED in Uganda Freedom on the Net 2021 finds that internet freedom in Uganda declined. Global findings include that while some democratic governments have made good-faith attempts to regulate the technology industry, state intervention in the digital sphere worldwide has contributed to the 11th consecutive year of global decline […]

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WEBCAST OCT 21: Internet Policy Wars 3.0 / Is The Past A Prologue To The Fight For Web3? #Governance3 @NetCaucusAC @cmesi @McAndrew @kwerb @FFDWeb #Web

On Thursday October 21 2021 at 3:00-4:00pm EDT (19:00-20:00 UTC) the Congressional Internet Caucus Academy hosts a webinar ‘Internet Policy Wars 3.0 / Is The Past A Prologue To The Fight For Web3?‘. At the dawn of Web 1.0 policymakers nearly quashed the Internet with legislation such as the Communications Decency Act and key escrow. […]

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VIDEO. Foro IoT de ISOC.MX – 29/SEP/2021

This is Prepended Foro Internet of Things que organiza la Internet Society Capítulo México.El evento reunió a especialistas y autoridades mexicanas donde se trataran la situación actual, escenarios a futuro, ciberseguridad y aspectos legales. Con la participación de: Mtro Javier Salazar.Vicepresidente de LACNIC. Mtra Salma Leticia Jalife Villalón.Presidenta Centro México Digital Mtra Eunice Alejandra Perez […]

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WEBCAST THU: Internet Society Zambia Chapter Launch Event

On Thursday 7 october 2021 at 09:00 CAT (07:00 UTC) the Internet Society Zambia Chapter will hold its formal Launch Event. This is an hybrid event marking of the official kick-off of the Internet Society Zambia Chapter. LIVESTREAM PARTICIPATE VIA ZOOM REAL TIME TEXT (T.B.D.) TWITTER @isoczm @isoc_africa @ISOC_Community #InternetForEveryone SIMULCASTS […]

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Inclusive Digital Security training for Persons With Disability

Over the years, technology has evolved to greater heights making internet access at a center stage for growth and development in the world. However, majority of  Persons With Disability have been considerably left out of this transformative advancement with very few adapting to assistive technological tools. The objective of the training was to enhance digital […]

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Facebook Has Good MANRS. Mistakes Still Happen.

I call my dad every afternoon, usually via WhatsApp. I bet you can see where this is going: Monday, I couldn’t reach him and I got worried about what he was doing, where he was, and most importantly, if he’d be able to order dinner online from his favorite restaurant like he does every Monday. It reminded […]

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WEBCAST TODAY: End-To-End Encryption: Is it Enterprise-Ready Yet? @EncryptEurope @istvanlam @Tresorit Dr. Tobias Höllwarth @EuroCloud Christophe Bianco @ExcelliumSA Jean-Christophe Le Toquin #EncryptEurope #GlobalEncryption #CyberSecurity

On Wednesday October 6 2021 from 10:00-11:00 CEST (08:00-09:00 UTC) Encryption Europe and Tresorit present a webinar ‘End-To-End Encryption: Is it Enterprise-Ready Yet?‘. End-to-end encryption (E2EE) is gaining momentum in enterprise workplace applications. The panel will examine such questions as , What are the pros (and possibly cons) of using end-to-end encryption as opposed to […]